January 15, 2018

Otter’s Newest Health Care Proposal

Governor Otter and his two executive branches have new health care proposal. Called the Dual Waiver Proposal, it attempts to address just two of the many healthcare challenges facing Idaho. It requires the federal government to grant Idaho two critical waivers; the 1332 Waiver would allow some low-income Idahoans to quality for the ACA tax credits and the 1115 Waiver …

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January 14, 2018

Rep. Erpelding Interviewed On Viewpoint

Rep. Erpelding on KTVB's Viewpoint

Doug Petcash, the host of KTVB’s Viewpoint, invited me to join Senate Democratic Leader Michelle Stennett, Speaker Scott Bedke and Senate President Brent Hill to talk about the upcoming session. Michelle and I continue to advocate for a better funding model of education, an honest approach to our tax policies and a more concerted effort to create workforce opportunities for …

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January 3, 2018

Inspector General for Integrity and Accountability in Idaho

Currently, Idaho has a near failing grade (D-) in its State Integrity Investigation Score, which is based on an assessment of state government accountability and transparency. Idaho received such a low score due to the fact that it lacks important ethical components found in other states such as a state ethics commission, financial disclosure laws, and does not currently enforce …

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November 22, 2017

“Turn Idaho Blue” Pie

I’ve always thought a balanced kitchen was the place to be — that healthy spot that ensures I get the nutrients I need, but isn’t devoid of delicious treats like….pies. And, Idaho is no different. A little more balance in this state would almost certainly be an improvement. And nothing says Thanksgiving like a little political discussion, so I thought …

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