Idaho's 1995 Nuclear Agreement is a testament to the leadership of Gov. Cecil Andrus and others. Many people in Idaho are unaware of the nuclear waste that has been dumped in our state. How much do you know? Welcome to the '95 Nuclear Agreement quiz! Good luck.

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Who was the Governor of Idaho when the 1995 Nuclear Agreement was finalized?
Modifying the 1995 Nuclear Agreement requires the signature of which two Idaho elected officials?
In which state did the first nuclear reactor meltdown occur?
Which Idaho governor first changed the 1995 nuclear agreement, allowing more spent nuclear fuel into Idaho?
According to National Geographic, the nuclear waste of concern is buried on how many acres in Idaho?
According to the  National Academy of Sciences, if high-level waste was to leak into the soil above the aquifer, how long would it take to get to the aquifer?
What year did the federal government miss the deadline for starting the removal and processing of 900,000 gallons of sodium-bearing waste?
How much is the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality fining the DOE per day for missing the liquid waste deadline?
How many cubic meters of transuranic waste is still needed to be shipped out of Idaho to meet the December 31, 2018, deadline?

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