Education for All

Our economy, livelihood, and values depend on our education system. As an educator, who trains future teachers, I understand the impacts that statewide educational policy has on our local schools. Stripping wages, removing collective bargaining rights, and doing so in the name of technological advancement neither supports teachers nor does it benefit our communities. I worked as a program administrator and instructor for 15 years and I experienced the changes forced upon higher education by the ongoing neglect demonstrated by the Idaho GOP. College graduates finish school with an average of $25,000 in debt, and many times, without a job in Idaho.

Educational opportunities should expand students’ experiences, support their innate quest for knowledge, and provide society informed and engaged young adults who care about their communities and are prepared for the workforce.

I will work to fully fund public education at every level; support teachers’ rights to collectively bargain for fair wages; ensure that higher education is accessible to all Idaho high school graduates; enhance early childhood learning opportunities; repeal the Luna Laws and restore balance to public education.


Responsible Economic Growth

As a small business owner who has worked hard to realize my dream, I understand the difficulties of successful entrepreneurship. Our Legislature is committed to the policies of the past, and it needs to adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions. Economic progress must ensure local businesses flourish, provide opportunities for business start-ups to thrive, and recruit outside businesses to Idaho. District 19’s well-being is rooted in the economic vitality of our surrounding rural communities. We must support economic policies that enhance rural communities, and return prosperity to the many citizens who travel to Boise for its services, recreation, and shopping.

I will work to expand Idaho’s economy by investing in renewable energy sources that support high-paying jobs; expand on regional expertise to increase business and production efficiency; ensure infrastructure improvements keep up with Idaho’s rapid growth; bring prosperity to the middle class.


Protecting our Quality of Life

I, like many other graduates, had to leave the state to pursue a career. When I moved back, it was the best choice I have ever made. Because of its beauty and its incredible quality of life, Boise is my home.  Idaho’s diverse terrain, jagged mountains, winding rivers, and amazing high deserts are some of the reasons we chose to live here. As a professional guide and advocate for statewide environmental education programs, I believe we must work to conserve our open spaces.  Our Legislature wants to auction hunting tags off to the highest bidder; decrease air and water quality programs, and ignore major polluters who make money off our land and refuse to clean up afterward. We need a leader who is capable of supporting responsible economic policies while advocating for and protecting our quality of life.

I will work to expand long-term economic investment that provides cities and counties with resources to develop quality outdoor recreation opportunities; preserve Idaho’s open space and public lands; partner with stakeholders to reach the best possible wildlife and land management plans; protect Idaho’s clean air and clean water.

Advocate for Human Rights

I am shocked at the radical right’s views on our humanity. They consistently propose legislation

Protect Women’s Rights!

that removing individual rights rather than protecting our freedom. Social justice and equality advances our society and improves lives. I am a leader in the fight for rights in Idaho, including protecting a woman’s right to choose and fighting to protect all people from discrimination. We cannot be a free and prosperous society without protecting the rights of citizens to pursue relationships of their choice, protecting the rights of all workers, supporting families with equal access to early childhood care, and ensuring that a woman’s right to choose is protected.

I will work to protect the rights of every human being, the right to choose, and the rights of workers. I will speak out against the injustices proposed by the radical right.