Advanced kids need opportunities to advance in the classroom. Unfortunately, Idaho doesn’t let children with advanced abilities start kindergarten before the age of five, no matter what. Idaho statute states that students must be the age of 5 on or before September 1st to be able to enroll in kindergarten. This year, I put forward a bill that would give gifted children the chance to test into kindergarten a year early, allowing them to fulfill their abilities.

My proposed bill would create a pilot project to allow children who have shown themselves to be extremely gifted (at least three standard deviations above average test scores) to enter kindergarten, then first grade thereafter, when they are ready. This bill is a common sense way for Idaho to improve the educational experience for advanced children without the creation of new programs or burdensome implications for schools. Unfortunately, this is yet another bill that was not given a hearing in committee. As the legislature continues to block common sense legislation from being heard, education in Idaho suffers.