Thank you for visiting my campaign website.

Boise is an amazing city, and I am proud to call Idaho my home. During the 2012 campaign, I knocked on thousands of doors in District 19. I listened to concerns and had great conversations to learn about the needs and expectations of my D19 neighbors. I understand what our District expects from the Idaho Legislature. As government officials, we have a responsibility to improve and expand our state by fully investing in education, encouraging responsible economic growth , and creating a welcoming environment for all of our citizens.

I am honored to serve District 19 as an elected member of the Idaho House of Representatives, and I ask for your continued support moving forward. I am always looking for folks who want to move Idaho forward. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me.


Representative Mat Erpelding


Our tragedy in recent years springs from a leadership principally motivated by fear. Our Founding Fathers were a different breed. They acted on their faith, not their fear. They did not believe in fighting fire with fire; crime with crime; evil with evil; or delinquency by becoming delinquents. They set themselves against the terrors of a totalitarian state by structuring a government that would obey the law. They knew that the only way to escape a closed society was to accept the risk of living in an open one.” 

 – Idaho Senator Frank Church