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March 24, 2017

Keeping the Oil and Gas Industry Accountable

Whether it is welcomed or not, Idaho is in the business of producing its own crude oil and natural gas. Since this is a new development, our state does not have a lot of experience regulating these industries. As these new developments are in their infancy, it’s important that regulations are put into place so that oil and gas companies aren’t able to …

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March 24, 2017

Advanced Placement for Advanced Kids

Advanced kids need opportunities to advance in the classroom. Unfortunately, Idaho doesn’t let children with advanced abilities start kindergarten before the age of five, no matter what. Idaho statute states that students must be the age of 5 on or before September 1st to be able to enroll in kindergarten. This year, I put forward a bill that would give gifted …

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March 24, 2017

People Power Kills Bad Bills

Every year, Republican legislators like to see what they can get away with by attempting to pass bad bills that chip away at Idahoans’ civil liberties, public services, and government transparency. There are often attempts to shift the tax burden onto hard-working Idaho families too. Although this year wasn’t any different, the people of Idaho paid close attention and spoke out when …

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  • Join Me for the 5th Annual “Sine Die” Sushi Night

    “Sine Die” is Latin for “without day”, and it means that the Legislature has adjourned for the year. Please join me to toast the end of the session, and to discuss the outcomes. Thanks to the generous support of Superb Sushi, my campaign will receive a portion of the funds from every sushi roll sold! CLICK HERE TO RSVP Come …

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